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Inspiring colour solutions
Thursday, 28 June 2018 00:00

Axalta will be exhibiting its products at PaintExpo this year

“Inspiring Colour Solutions” - this is the  headline under which Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of  liquid and powder coatings, will present innovative products and services  at PaintExpo. The world’s leading trade fair for industrial coating  technology will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 17 to 20 April 2018.

Axalta’s coatings solutions are used worldwide in the automotive industry,  transport and general industry, as well as in construction, architectural  and decorative interior applications.

A focal point of the trade fair presentation will be corrosion protection  with liquid, electro and powder coatings in single and multi-layer coating  systems. Highlights in this area include the Acothane brand polyurethane  coatings. These liquid coatings are used for many applications, including  internal and external coating of pipelines in the oil, gas and wastewater  sector. The Coroless system offers a highly efficient and well-proven  corrosion protection solution for steel substrates. These coatings defy even harshest environments and conditions including desert heat and strong sea storms. The thermoplastic powder coating systems of the Plascoat PPA and Abcite series fulfil the high requirements of the corrosivity categories

C5-M and IM3 according to ISO 12944-6 and ISO 20340, e.g. for protective paints of oil, gas and water pipelines as well as off shore applications, with only one layer – no primer is required. With the thermoplastic powder coating Talisman, Axalta also provides a proven solution for coating dishwasher baskets.

“Metallics are us” reflects Axalta’s more than two decades of experience in the development and manufacture of metallic powder coatings using bonding technology. This technology improves the stability of the colour effect and the processability of the powder coating compared to conventional dry-blending of the effect pigments.

The Metallic powder coatings, which are predominantly used in architectural applications for the coating of exterior and interior furniture as well as for lighting fixtures, impress with their outstanding brilliance, optical depth and fascinating colour effects in changing light conditions. The extensive product portfolio, which includes more than 150 bonded metallic powder coatings available from stock, completes the new ICONICA Collection and Eloxal Selection. ICONICA represents the new architectural understanding for nature and humanity, whilst being both expressive and elegantly reserved. Designed in cooperation with the internally renowned trend experts from Nelly Rodi, Paris, ICONICA was brought to life to inspire the design and architecture of tomorrow. The collection is divided in four themes and consists of 40 colours. The Eloxal Selection offers the appearance of the most popular anodised finishes, combined with all the benefits of a powder coating. Both the ICONICA Collection and the Eloxal Selection are part of the Alesta SuperDurable powder coating range, which impresses with environmentally friendly, extremely durable and weather- resistant coatings. High functionality and an outstanding appearance are further features that make these metallic powder coatings highly desired.

An enrichment of the range for the coating of glass containers represent the innovative water-based liquid coatings and thermoplastic powder coatings of Axalta. These products are used for coating beverage bottles, pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles as well as for applications in general product packaging. In this regard, the coating which makes glass shatterproof is especially noteworthy. This coating covers the glass surface with an invisible membrane, which holds glass fragments together within the membrane in the event of breakage and thus prevents splintering.

With a proven spray coatings range and AquaEC electrocoatings, Axalta offers world-class solutions for in-house coating applicators  and contract coaters to meet most demanding requirements in the fields of agricultural and construction machinery, automobile assemblies, wheels, general industry, appliances, kegs, ski, as well as  architectural and interior furnishing easily and economically.

The Axalta Color Solutions Center is breaking new ground in small-scale production at its centrally located Frankfurt site. According to the motto "The professional solution for high demands but small volumes", here industrial liquid coatings are developed and manufactured in small quantities, all accomplished at a speed, which is likely to surprise. This provides customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa with the specific material, for testing a new product line or special coatings for a particular customer application, within the shortest possible time.


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