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Minimizing manual operations
Friday, 08 June 2018 00:00

The new SZ-Plus control panels from Walther Trowal minimize manual operations and simplify mass finishing processes, especially when different work pieces must be treated

At the Euroguss exhibition Walther Trowal is showing a mass finishing system for finishing of castings equipped with a brand-new control panel.  This allows fully automatic finishing operations in the rotary vibrators of the model range CB, especially with interlinked systems. It helps not only to minimize manual process control but also increases the overall process safety.

For the suppliers of mass finishing equipment so-called “cup-shaped” castings can pose major challenges: Upon completion of the finishing cycle such work pieces, for example battery housings, can contain a certain amount of processing media, which might be carried out of the machine with the work pieces. This can pose serious problems with downstream manufacturing operations.

That is one of the reasons, why Walther Trowal developed the SZ-Plus control panel for the CB model range, which will be introduced to the public at the Euroguss 2018 exhibition. It covers the entire surface finishing process including automation stages like work piece loading, the finishing step itself, discharging of the finished parts from the machine, work piece drying and work piece transport before and after the finishing step.

One major feature of the new control system is that, compared to the actual finishing step a higher vibratory amplitude can be programmed for the screening step, i.e. the separation of the finished work pieces from the media. This greatly facilitates the removal of media, which might have been carried out of the finishing machine by cup-shaped work pieces.

The new control system helps automate finishing processes and eliminates many manual operations like, for example, the manual adjustment of the machine settings. In the program library the processing parameters can be easily selected for a wide variety of different customer work pieces. The new panel controls not only the timing of the different process stages but also ensures that compound and water are injected into the machine at the precise required quantities. This helps prevent operator errors and ensures absolutely constant and high finishing qualities.

The CB rotary vibrators allow the processing of castings with dimensions of up to 380 mm (15”). Of course, they can also be used for finishing other high value work pieces that are processed in multi-stage processes with grinding and polishing pastes. This includes so-called “Trowapast” processes, which are employed for stainless steel work pieces and even, components made from ceramic.


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