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Flexible solution
Friday, 04 May 2018 11:32

Stewart Gill Conveyors  says it has an economical and flexible solution for all your material handling

Modern industrial enterprises must be able to move materials efficiently from one part of a factory to another and between different production or processing stages. For all these requirements, conveyor systems can be an ideal and efficient solution.  Conveyor systems can be used in an unlimited variety of industries such as the metalworking industry, pre-treatment, powder coat and painting lines. As part of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen Group, Stewart Gill Conveyors (SGC) is a specialist when it comes to the design, manufacturing and installation of conveyor systems. With manufacturing and engineering resources in The UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and Moldova, SGC offers in-house design, engineering, installation and servicing of a wide range of conveyors. The product range includes from manual to automatic systems (Power & Free),  with the SGC manual overhead conveyor and chain conveyors as the two basic entry-level models. Both systems are a good foundation to start with. These type of systems are modular with standard parts, which can easily be expanded upon and modified.


Overhead/Floor Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors can be used in many different areas of industry, depending on the use of the system and the weight that has to be transported. Chain conveyors are suitable for light to medium product loads. They can be used for a continuous flow of products through production lines or as a Stop and Go system that stops at the different positions in an installation. As this type of system is driven, there is less handling. At Stewart Gil Conveyors there are two types of chain conveyors to distinguish: Overhead and Floor-mounted chain conveyors. Overhead chain conveyors are mainly used in the washing industry and the surface treatment industry. The floor-conveyors are often applied in the Automotive industry. For example, as it comes to the transport of car rims, the floor-conveyors of Stewart Gill provides an efficient and flexible solution.


Manual Overhead Conveyors

Manual systems are available for the transport of medium to heavy product applications. Enables a compacter design, while allowing different products sizes to be transported. The manual nature of the system allows a great diversity in the route, as well the possibility to partially automate sections of the system.

Over 50 years Stewart Gill Conveyors has been providing numerous companies with complete systems that meet their requirements. Because Stewart Gill Conveyors thinks in possibilities, they help companies to safe costs and enhance their efficiency as it comes to material handling.


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