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Perfectly formed
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 00:00

BYK-Gardner is introducing a new member of the well-proven micro-gloss family, which has an ultra-small port for measuring gloss at small surface areas. 

Matte, satin-finished, semi-glossy or glossy – no matter how your product looks like – consistent appearance expresses high quality. Products like smart phones or home electronics, that combine small and large parts or connect parts such as frames, buttons or decorative trim pieces, cannot afford varying surface appearance.

The size and design of small parts make it difficult to evaluate with a classical gloss meter. Therefore BYK-Gardner has developed the new portable micro-gloss 60° XS with a small measuring area of 2 x 4 mm – the ideal solution to measure small parts. The performance and compatibility of the XS version are as excellent as of micro-gloss itself and assure that measurement data of small and large components are comparable.

The long-term stable LED light source of the micro-gloss provides not only highly repeatable results for many years, but also will never burn out. A 10 year warranty on the lamp life is guaranteed. Due to advanced temperature control, the micro-gloss assures the highest stability of the readings. The automated calibration procedure during the production of the gloss meters enables an excellent inter-instrument agreement.

The intelligent auto diagnosis of the micro-gloss guarantees long-term calibration stability and even tells the operator when to calibrate. Its brilliant colour display and the easy scroll wheel operation make the micro-gloss a very user-friendly tool. The intuitive menu offers all functions for efficient gloss control, inclusive complete statistics, difference and pass/fail evaluation and saving of the results. The smart communication with the new software smart-chart allows fast data transfer, easy graphical and statistical data presentation and an instant QC report.


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