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New advice service launched
Friday, 03 November 2017 10:12

A new technical advice service is being offered to assist businesses considering investment in new surface treatment equipment or indeed upgrading or resolving engineering problems with existing facilities.



The person behind the concept is Will Green who has spent over 40 years on the engineering supply side of the industry realising capital projects for all industries worldwide.

The delivery of a successful project that meets all the client’s expectations on cost, timing and performance requires a multi-disciplined approach. The specialised nature of surface treatment equipment along with the necessary supporting ancillary items such as water treatment and fume extraction systems means there has previously been a lack of independent specialist technical advice available. This can result in excessive reliance on potential suppliers to fulfil their obligations, which often works but can also put the client at a disadvantage.

The new service offered by Will is to provide impartial technical advice and support throughout the whole project process from concept to completion, including review of technical submissions, quality inspections, performance testing and verification. The most important aspect as far as the purchaser is concerned is having peace of mind and confidence that their purchasing decision will prove to be well founded.

The expertise, knowledge and technical advice offered by Will Green is intended to save the client valuable time and assets and ease successful project realisation.

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