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Relationship is vital PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 00:00

When speaking to anyone producing finished or semi finished parts, the relationship between machinery and chemical when degreasing components is viewed as essential.

Whether it is aqueous or solvent cleaning, the goal is to create a dry, clean part without chemical residues.

The UK trend is continuing in favour of solvent cleaning but in a non critical application, where intricate shapes are not involved, aqueous cleaning can be assessed as a choice.

In the initial stages of assessing your needs it is best to speak with a specialist company about the pros and cons of both, in terms of your individual process needs.

Look at performance, safety and environmental factors and be sure a chosen supplier understands the needs of legislation.

Some companies successfully use a combination of solvent and aqueous systems for different applications and these should be validated before making any judgements.

When seeking advice it is good to find an established supplier who offers a range of both aqueous and solvent solutions, together with the best engineered machinery that can demonstrate the results you demand before you place your order.

Considerations that need thought are the correct chemical, machine, contact time and any need for mechanical action. In the case of aqueous systems the need for suitable drying would be important.

Even in situations where existing equipment might be used the most suitable chemical is needed and the best way to validate performance is by demonstration.

The Samuel Banner Chemicals Group has been serving industry needs since 1860.

Their Precision and Electronics Cleaning Division (PEC) specialise in both chemical and engineering needs in a degreasing process.

A measure of their skill is seen through the world leading brands they represent. Covering aqueous, solvent and machinery options to meet every customer need, they act for 3M, INEOS, Petroferm and the Crest Corporation. They also supply the Solve - Care solvent transfer system for safety of handling solvents.

The PEC team listen, assess, recommend and validate your best choices to ensure cost effective high performance. They provide full technical support and training throughout the process.


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